Football Season – Let’s eat!

I grew up in Germany, where everybody loves Football. Not the pig-skin version, but the one where you actually use your feet to move the ball. It is still my favorite sport to watch, but now that I am slowly turning into a Southern Girl, I learn to appreciate American Football in all its glory. Drew’s family bleeds Tennessee Orange, so I became a dedicated follower as well (oh, the heartbreak), but I enjoy any SEC game.
One of the best things about Football, for me anyway, is the food! I am not talking about the overpriced, nutritionally questionable stuff you get at a stadium. I am talking about the delicious goodies you can prepare at home for a fun afternoon with friends or family.

My personal favorite for any crowd gathering in the fall is Chili,  especially this recipe that you can just make in the crockpot. It’s super easy, delicious and healthy. I use Soy Chorizo from Trader Joe’s instead of the Ground Turkey. It gives this dish even more flavor and makes it vegetarian! Nobody will be able to tell the difference.
Another great Crock Pot meal is this Tortilla Soup. I like to serve it with these delicious homemade Whole Wheat Rolls. They are easy to make, it just takes some time since they need to rise for a few hours. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. I prefer to eat only Whole Wheat because it is so good for you. And when I find a recipe like this one, that is delicious as well as healthy, I get very excited!
If you don’t want to make a meal, but just serve some snacks, check out this pretty extensive list of Healthy Snack, or these Zucchini fritters that I just recently discovered at a friend’s house. They are pan-fried instead of deep-fried, which is great. And all those fresh ingredients, including dill and feta (yum!) are just the perfect combination.
And if all else fails, and you are just not sure what to bring, just consult this ultimate Football Recipes list. It categorizes everything into dips, snacks, main dishes and treats. So you are guaranteed to find something just in time for the next kick-off.
Happy Football Season everybody!

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